Is No Indian No PRC rental discrimination?
July 21, 2016

Right after settling a social media boo-boo created by an Aussie employee, 99.co’s CEO Darius Cheung was quick to divert the media’s attention to another sensitive topic – the alleged discrimination of Singapore landlords on Indians and PRC tenants.

Telling his story in a blog post, Darius shared how they had been rejected by 20 percent of the landlords just because his wife is an Indian. At the end, they had to pay 15 percent more to rent a place.

After the unpleasant personal experience, Darius launched a ‘Say No to Racial Discrimination’ campaign. From now on, listings with ‘All Races Welcome’ rather than ‘No Indian No PRC’ will be prominently featured on the property portal.

Can landlords choose their tenants?

Frankly, I am surprised by the initiative of 99.co.

No one can deny the importance of racial equality. But is the local rental market a right platform to fight for the cause? Or has 99.co just opened a can of worms?

We are not discriminating against any race here. This is locals versus foreigners (or foreigners from certain countries). In Singapore, most landlords are locals and majority of tenants are foreigners. With our HDB home ownership scheme, we have far more owners and landlords than tenants... read the full version

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