What’s on the mind of property investors: 5 things everyone wants to know
October 23, 2016

On October 1, seven property investors and four industry experts joined the Property Investor Roundtable Luncheon jointly organized by Knight Frank and Property Club Singapore.

As property investors, we are interested to pick the brains of industry experts, compare notes with our peers, and find out what’s on the mind of fellow investors.

How we qualify the savvy property investors

Property investors at the roundtable are my acquaintances and members of Property Club Singapore. They were invited based on their long-time experience with investing in the property market.

Another prerequisite is that they must hold (or used to own) a portfolio of five to dozens of private properties in Singapore. Their property portfolio must show good capital appreciation and positive cashflow. Above all, they can’t be property speculators or co-owners with many investors.

Given the group’s breath of experience, valuable knowledge, insider insights and inspiring thoughts were brought to the roundtable that lasted almost three hours.

Below are six popular topics I would like to share with our blog readers here... read the full version

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