Too much of anything is a waste
May 18, 2016

On a breezy morning, I took a bus to town. The aircon was at full blast as usual even though the bus was only half full. All passengers on board were shivering. Water condensed outside all the windows. It was like driving in a fog. The driver had to keep the wipers on to clear moisture on the windshield.

Too much aircon is a waste

A colleague from Europe commented that “Singapore is a very cold country”. The outside temperature can be 30⁰C to 35⁰C every day. Yet our indoor temperature throughout the year is like outdoors in winters somewhere in Europe. You can’t visit Singapore without packing an extra jacket.

We teach our young children about global warming, energy saving and environmental protection when they are toddlers in kindergarten. Yet our air-conditioning systems are often adjusted to an unnecessarily low temperature everywhere, especially in offices, eateries, shopping malls and public transportation.

Do we need to use aircon to show that we are an affluent country that can afford to waste energy?... read the full version

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