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September 21, 2016

Flying back from Jakarta in the evening, I managed to get a few hours of sleep before boarding the early morning flight to Perth for a week-long family trip.

The first part of the vacation was a farm stay in the countryside. After we checked in and made our way to our rented cottage, I could finally rest my body and soul.

I looked outside the windows and found myself being surrounded by cows, sheep, emus and chickens. While I was watching the farm animals, they were also staring at an exhausted ‘animal’ lying on the couch.

The next morning this exhausted animal was almost fully recharged and followed the family to feed the ‘far more energetic’ farm animals.

During the sheep feeding session, a confused sheep suddenly tried to ‘kiss’ the chest of my younger daughter. Apparently, it had mistaken the logo on her jacket as the dried leaves because they were the same color.

I suddenly recalled a similar incident during a school outing to a goat farm in Singapore. We were feeding the goats when one of them wanted to ‘eat’ my child’s windbreaker too. The kindergarten teacher immediately pulled the cloth out of the goat’s mouth.

That left me wonder: Can the sheep really tell if a wolf in sheep’s clothing is in the herd?... read the full version

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