About Us


To provide buyers, investors and owners with facts, knowledge and skills in purchase, investment and management of private properties through education and networking.

What we are

  • We are a neutral and unbiased club with no vested interest in any property-related industry.
  • We share past experiences, real-life stories, useful advice and tips or tricks in property investment.
  • We promote save and invest, due diligence, market timing and value investing.
  • We support continuous learning and networking with like-minded people.

What we are NOT

  • We do NOT sell one-off thousand-dollar intensive seminars but organize regular training and meetings.
  • We do NOT promote no money down, crowd funding or any get-rich-quick program.
  • We do NOT source, market, or mark-up and resell Singapore or overseas properties to members.
  • We do NOT offer free membership, analyses or seminars to upsell property-related products or services.
  • We do NOT accept commission from outside speakers or vendors to conduct sales pitches in our training or meetings.
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